35 years of experience
in potato packaging

VDH Packaging Creations’ experience in creating packaging for potatoes can be traced back 35 years. Our services are combined with a major commitment to recyclability, innovation, sustainability and creativity. Nowadays, recyclability and compostability are hot topics. However, VDH Packaging Creations has been supplying various biopackaging solutions for 13 years already. In recent years, European standards have become increasingly strict, so packers and supermarkets are having to adapt.

To be described as ‘recyclable’ or ‘compostable’, packaging must fulfill various strict European standards. One of the requirements is that the packaging is made of only one material (= mono). VDH considers this standard regarding the use of only one material very important. For several years, VDH has focused on the use of one material within the overall packaging range. This has enormous production and ecological advantages.

5 years ago, VDH launched a concept called the ‘SQ Pack’. Various supermarket chains have now opted for this packaging. The ‘SQ Pack’ is unique and produced by VDH in-house. In the past, this packaging was exclusively made of LDPE, but was recently converted to two ideal, ecological and sustainable variants.

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