SQ Paper

Sustainability, less plastic and recyclability are high on the agenda at companies active in the potatoes, fruits and vegetables sector. The consumer has spoken and now, only ‘ecologically’ responsible packaging is good enough. The result is the ‘SQ Paper’.

One of our biggest firsts of the past year was developing paper packaging with a perforated and personalised window. These perforated windows create the same effect as a net, but our method means the packaging can be sorted with paper waste in Europe. The perforations also provide a unique appearance and sufficient ventilation. Our own engineers developed the production machine that makes the perforations, so we can make any desired pattern or logo for a variety of materials and packaging sizes. The options are endless.

The ‘SQ Paper’ is a tried and tested product, available in different paper qualities and versions (Pillow, Doypack, Sidefolding, Quadroseal, etc.).

compliant with EU norms
100% recyclable
mono materials
natural inks
100% ecological

Our SQ paper runs smoothly …

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