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I’m Green

To obtain a sustainable product and take full advantage of the quality of the product and its shelf life, VDH Packaging Creations and its suppliers developed the ‘I’m Green’ flexible film for the food sector.

85% of the ‘I’m Green’ film is made of sugar cane and doesn’t contain crude oil anymore. In addition, this film is also 100% recyclable. The original granulate for the production of this film is made by BRASKEM. So this film isn’t entirely ‘new’, but packaging made of this film wasn’t available in the potatoes, fruits and vegetables sector. This ‘plastic’ also offers a solution for consumer demand, namely the use of bio- and recyclable packaging. Packers are convinced that this is a step in the right direction.

Lastly, little to nothing changes for packers, since, technically, the ‘I’m Green’ film doesn’t differ to the standard LDPE film. Packers also don’t need to make big investments, because, in principle, they can pass this film through their existing machinery. In addition, packers can simulate almost any kind of packaging shape.

on the roll
suitable for a variety of products
many material options
extensive choice of formats
many machine options

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