i'm green

To obtain a sustainable product and take full advantage of the quality of the product and its shelf life, VDH Packaging Creations and its suppliers developed the ‘I’m Green’ flexible film for the food sector.

The I’m Green film is made for 85% from sugar cane and no longer from crude oil. In addition, this film is also 100% recyclable. The original granulate for the production of this film is made by BRASKEM. Therefore the film is not completely “new”, but packaging made of this film could not be found before in the fruit and vegetable sector. This ‘plastic’ then offers a solution of consumer demand for the use of bio- and recyclable packaging. The packers are convinced that this is a step in the right direction.

Finally, little to nothing will change for the packers, since technically the I’m Green film does not differ from the standard LDPE film used. The packers do not have to bear heavy investments, because this film can, in principle, run over their existing machinery. In addition, the packers can simulate almost all types of packaging with it.

I'm Green verpakking