Eco-Friendly Packaging for Herbs and Salads

An innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic packaging. Our PaperSleeves are 100% recyclable.

  • Material = FSC certified (Kraft) paper
  • Different types of paper available
  • Wet strength for moisture resistance
  • Featuring tear-off perforation for easy usage
  • Glued or sealed
  • Qualitative flexo print
  • Printing 2/Sides up to 8 colors
  • In Bio-Inks
VDH Packaging Concept - PaperSleeves Papieren Verpakkingen voor Kruiden en Salades


“With upcoming EU packaging regulations in 2024, recyclability grows vital. PaperSleeves offer a promising option as they can be recycled with paper waste and properly be recycled.”

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