VDH Concept is a company that already has 35 years of experience in creating and producing potato packaging and combines this with a strong focus on recyclability, innovation, sustainability and creativity.. Nowadays, recyclability, compostability and the like are hot items. Nevertheless, VDH Packaging Creations has been a supplier of various organic packaging. As increasingly stricter standards have been introduced from Europe in recent years, the packer, as well as the supermarkets, have to adapt.

About recyclability or compostability Not to mention the packaging must meet all kinds of strict European standards. One of those requirements is manufacturing the packaging from only 1 (=mono) material. This standard, with regard to the use of only one material, is very important to VDH. For several years now, VDH has focused on the use of mono materials within the overall packaging range. This has enormous production and ecological advantages.

5 years ago VDH launched its concept called the ‘SQ Pack’. In the meantime, various supermarket chains have opted for this packaging. SQ Pack is unique and is produced by VDH itself. In the past, this packaging was made exclusively in LDPE, but recently it has two ideal, ecological and future-oriented variants.