SQ paper

Sustainability, less plastic and recyclability are high on the agenda for fruit and vegetable companies. The consumer has spoken, from now on only ‘ecologically’ responsible packaging is good enough. This created the SQ Paper.

One of our biggest firsts of the past year has been the development of paper packaging with a perforated and personalized window in the packaging. With our perforations, the same window effect can be created as a net, but our method allows the packaging to be sorted with paper waste in Europe. In addition, the perforations provide a unique appearance and sufficient ventilation. Since the production machine for making perforations is developed by our own engineers, any desired pattern or logo can be manufactured for all kinds of different materials and packaging sizes. The options are endless

The ‘SQ Paper’ is a tried and tested product, available in different paper qualities and versions (Pillow, Doypack, Sidefolding, Quadroseal, etc.).

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