SQ pack

One of the biggest accomplishments of the past years, is the develop of the SQ Pack. The SQ pack is a flexible film or paper with perforated customizable window in the packaging. With our perforations the same window effect can be created but as a net. However, by using our method only one material is being used. This complies with the European recycling standards. In addition, the perforations offer a unique appearance and sufficient ventilation.

Because the perforation machine was developed by our own engineers, each and every pattern or logo can be produced for different types of materials and packaging sizes. The possibilities are quite literally, endless. SQ Pack is a proven product, available in several different materials and exist in multiple versions (Pillow, Doypack, Sidefolding, Quadroseal, etc).

VDH Packaging Concept - Verpakking voor Kriel Aardappelen - Doypack - SQ Pack - SQ Paper

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