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VDH Packaging Creations is the first to process sugar cane in its packaging

For companies in the fruit and vegetable sector, correct packaging is of great importance for the processing, logistics, shelf life and appearance of your product and thus your customer loyalty. To this end, more and more innovative packaging solutions are being brought onto the market that also respond to today’s greatest trend: sustainability. The consumer increasingly opts for sustainable packaging or even packaging-free. But the quality of the product, as well as its shelf life, must remain of optimum quality. For this VDH Packaging Creations, together with its R&D team and supplier, developed the i’m Green foil for the food sector. 85% of the I’m Green film is made from sugar cane and no longer from oil, making it 100% recyclable. This is not a new film, but packaging of this film could not be found in the food sector. Subsequently, this plastic offers a solution for consumer demand for the use of bio- and recyclable packaging. Finally, little or nothing changes for the packers, since technically the I’m Green film does not produce any differences compared to the standard LDP film used. The packers then do not have to bear any investments because this film can run over their existing machines. Packers can also simulate all packaging forms with it. In terms of price, the I’m Green foil is more expensive than LDP foil, but cheaper than laminate foil. Nevertheless, this type of packaging is the future.