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A future without Flowpack around cardboard trays

Recently, we at VDH Packaging Creatons have started offering 2 alternative packaging options to the well-known and widely used cardboard tray with flowpack around it. So we are happy to introduce and introduce you to our SQ PUNNETS these are trays that can pack filling weights from 250g to 3kg without flowpack in an ecological, but also efficient way.

Specifically, we have noticed a huge increase in the use of cardboard packaging for fruits and vegetables for several years now.

This makes sense, since cardboard regardless is one of the most ecological packaging options at the moment. As attributed by European standards, packers in many European countries are required to pack in only 1 material (mono-material) or even banned from using plastic for small fill weights. This causes us as suppliers to develop alternatives in the market. Thus, in the past we already introduced our mono plastic variant, SQ Pack, mono paper variant, SQ Paper and recently we added the SQ Punnet.

THE Sq Punnet is a 100% recyclable packaging, which without flowpack or the use of plastic is ideal for packing fill weights of 500g – 1kg Potatoes (bantam), as well as other fruits and vegetables. The customer can then choose whether they want to provide the closure already fixed to their bowl or can seal the bowl using a personalized label/label.

As with our entire SQ range, consumers want to see what’s inside the package. For this we work with personalized perforations or punches, in the shape of the product or logos as the customer wishes. This way we retain the mono-material property of the cardboard and do not need to use plastic. In addition, it is possible to print the packaging in any color combinations for a beautiful look. Both the cardboard microwave trays as well as the labels we recently offered on the European market.