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As a Belgian supermarket, Carrefour was the first in the entire country to use the New recyclable film from VDH Packaging Creations. Furthermore the supermarket chain was the first to take the first step towards sustainable packaging for their whole supply of potatoes. In collaboration with VDH Concept, Carrefour developed a completely new packaging for their potatoes. To display the sustainability, quality, and shelf life of the product, VDH Packaging Creations alongside their suppliers, developed the “I’m Green” flexible film for the food industry. This made Carrefour the first Belgian supermarket chain to take steps in the direction towards a sustainable future.
As previous flexible film were largely derived out of raw oil. The ‘I’m Green film’s main component is sugar cane, which accounts for 85% of the product. This results in a 100% recyclable product. The original granulate of the “I’m Green” film is made by BRAKSEM. This does not make it a completely new granulate type but in the fruit- and vegetable-sector, such a flexible film was never used. Using such a film speaks to the consumers, who, prefer using bio- and recyclable packaging. The packers are convinced that this is a step in the right direction.
In the end there is no noticeable change for the packaging companies, since the “I’m Green” flexible film does not provide practical differences with the standard LDPE film. The packaging company does not have to adapt heavily to this new type of film as the film can easily be implemented onto their existing equipment. The financial burden, therefore, is barely noticeable. On top of that the flexible film is remarkably diverse, lending itself to as good as any packaging shape. Pricewise the “I’m Green” film is a bit more expensive than LDPE film but much cheaper than laminate film. Despite the difference in cost, such flexible films are the fitting solution for a more sustainable future. “The perfect balance between cheap and sustainable has not, as of yet been found”. Next to the “I’m Geen” project, VDH is in full development of bringing their “SQ Pack Paper” to the market. This is a ready-to-use premade or flexible paper packaging suitable to many different machines and products such as fruit and vegatables, chocolate, cheese, etc…
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