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SQ-Doy Paper is unique, custom made and recyclable


Sustainability, less plastic and recycling are high on the agenda among fruit and vegetable companies these. “However, sustainability has never been as big an issue as it is now. We have been supplying packaging with recycled plastic for years, but this has never been communicated to the consumer, “says Jan Lode Van Den Heuvel of VDH Packaging Creations. “It is currently very important to respond to this, so we have developed various new recyclable packaging for the fresh produce sector.”

SQ-Doy Paper “One of our biggest firsts is the development of paper packaging with a perforated and personalised window in the packaging. With our perforations you can create the same window effect as a net, but with this method the packaging can be disposed of in Europe with the paper waste. In addition, the perforations offer sufficient ventilation and a unique look & feel,” says Jan Lode. “Because the production machine for making perforations was developed by our own engineers, any desired pattern or logo can be manufactured for all kinds of different materials and sizes of packaging. “

“This SQ-Doy Paper is cheaper than similar paper packaging with a PE layer for sealing, because only one material is used (= mono material). Moreover, this packaging runs relatively fast on the packaging machines and can be supplied on a roll as well as ‘premade'(= preformed doypacks). Packers can go in any direction with these packs, as there are so many possibilities.